A Hog Day w/o Hollering

If you smelled something heavenly Saturday, you needn’t worry.  It wasn’t the rapture and you weren’t left behind–it was just Hillsborough’s much anticipated Hog Day!  My first favorite of the day had to be this hat, which was spotted by the fantastic and fun Orange Charter School table.  Next on our list of must haves was of course food, […]

Disney World Operation

I had grand plans of getting a post and pics up every day we stayed in Disney World.  I’d start with a tribute to Walt Disney himself, and move on to commentary on the universality of creativity.  Alas, my grand blogging plans were hijacked by a lion on a mission. As you can see, he […]

My New York Confession

I have something to share which shames me to admit.  My fear is that this will not only reflect poorly on my childhood aptitude and my sterling reputation for discernment as an adult, it may also offend my new friends.  Specifically, those from New York. Perhaps I can make it up to them when I blog […]

What Not to Wear in New York…On My Feet

Chinatown.  The Numismatic museum (and pirate gold!).  The World Trade Center Memorial.  The Empire State Building.  Grand Central Station.  And, of course, SCBWI’s winter conference.  What do all of these have in common? They’re going to be really cold and icy this weekend! But I’m a writer.  I write.  Sometimes I daydream.  In an efficient and […]

Just For the Suitcases

The stuffed suitcases are still waiting to be emptied, but I’m finding that after a summer of packing and unpacking, they can be ignored rather nicely.  Give me another week or two, and they’ll just be another piece of furniture I walk around. Maybe if I put up a few pics from the summer trips, I […]

Jellyfish, Fiddler Crabs and an Iron Horse

Today the kids were stung by a jellyfish.  First the R girl started jumping about in the water and yelping, then two seconds later her brother hollered and tried to jump out of the waves.  Somehow I managed to miss it, which I personally have no problem with, though the kids thought it sad I couldn’t brag […]

Blood, Sweat and Gargoyles

We’re home, but still deciding how we feel about that.  For the most part I’m thrilled.  It was a fantastic adventure and wonderful visit to see family, but if it had gone on much longer I would have melted into a puddle of sludge. Bloody sludge. I swear we signed up for the non-violent vacation, […]

Bellyaching Over Toothaches

We love to hate our dentists, but I for one am really glad they’re there and can make tooth problems go away.  Of course, asking that the problem go away may be a tad too open-ended…today at the pioneer heritage village (circa 1860’s) on the wall in the blacksmith shop was a sign offering tooth […]

All-American Custard Concrete and Story Reconstruction

We made it safely to our first stop on the road west–the lovely St. Louis.  Yesterday we defied the summer heat and chilled with our black and white feathered friends at the St. Louis zoo, then finished up an evening out with family at the one and only spot for truly divine frozen custard–Ted Drews. A relatively […]

I Heart DC (sometimes)

As I continue rewrites on Popcorn I’m thinking about love and hate, and why it is that human beings are so difficult to satisfy.  As a teen girl I either adored the guys I dated or despised them, there was never anything in between.  Well, okay, except the ones I just didn’t take seriously, but […]