A Year of Dragon Celebrations

Maybe it’s the fire, cause we all know I’m a pyro.  Maybe it’s the ability to fly, or their grace and beauty, but I’ve always loved dragons.  That I was born in the year of the dragon was my very first birthday gift, and has the added benefit of making me destined for greatness! lol […]

Money’s Memory

We attended a stamp and coin show at the fairgrounds today and I was thrilled to pick up some nice specimens of ancient Chinese cash, mostly from the Southern Sung.  Of course I wanted to bring it all home, but the coins I picked were pretty cool, though not of any high monetary value. One of […]

My First Comet

Tonight we put on our jackets and went shivering out into the cold to peer at the sky and glimpse our first comet.  Of course, even with binoculars, it still looked more like a tiny splat of pea soup than a comet, or maybe a place where someone had smudged the erasor of their pencil across […]

Witchiest Get Rich Scheme

So what’s the oldest-latest scheme for making money?  The art of Necropants, as detailed in the Icelandic Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft.  I’ll let you read it from the source, but be warned that it involves wearing a dead man’s skin as pants. Besides being the funniest scheme I’ve ever come across, it also reminding me that […]