Unbelievable Hubble Pics

They always say that truth is stranger than fiction, and these pics demonstrate that well.  If an author came up with these galaxies, plenty of critiques would deride them as impractical and way over the top. Two favorites of mine are The Sombrero, And Starry Night, because it’s impossible to look at these galaxies without hearing […]

Linked Up

See if you can find the common thread: More of the big guys still undiscovered in the ocean, but little chance of the Loch Ness turning up, or so they say. A report on ten new species, though a little long on propaganda and a little short on information about the individual species.  Eight and […]

Sightseeing From Space

While I was packing for our spring break trip to Mammoth Caves, in Kentucky, I stumbled across this blurb about the new Lynx.  Perhaps after we climb out of the depths of the earth and shake off the dust, we’ll plan our next trip–in the opposite direction.

My First Comet

Tonight we put on our jackets and went shivering out into the cold to peer at the sky and glimpse our first comet.  Of course, even with binoculars, it still looked more like a tiny splat of pea soup than a comet, or maybe a place where someone had smudged the erasor of their pencil across […]

Orange Armor

A sometime board rat and engineer, Richard Palmer has come up with a protective substance, called “d3o”, of intelligent molecules that minimize impact.  It reportedly goes from jello-like to tough-guy whenever hit by a direct force.  And it can be a fashion statement, too!

Japanese Atlantis

An ancient sunken city of the coast of Japan, deep beneath the waves…I think I just found the setting for my next story about Captain Tung, Independent Recovery Contractor.

Ripply Pictures and Sunny Robots

Reading about the HypoSurface Walls reminded me of watching an interactive, animated, 3D movie, in Disney World.  A screen that can move and stretch would take the ‘make it real’ factor up a notch or two.  Especially if they combined it with a screen that went all the way around the viewer. These receptionist robots look like giant Lego […]

Secret Messages and Coral Castle

I put out an antenae for weirdness tonight and came up with a couple of oddities. This article on the secret eye of your cell phone I picked up at LiveScience.com.  The fashion application of this puts me in mind of the Disco Light shirts I mentioned on a previous blog. I part of my […]

Perfumed Stink

Next time your laundry is overflowing with the stinky sock smell and company shows up, just tell them you have a new orchid in your collection.  Maybe they’ll find a flower that smells like spoiled leftovers soon!

Sniffing Out the Scent of Story

Science News has an article about restoring scent to individuals who have little or no sense of smell.  The research is fascinating in its own right, but it’s also got me thinking about how individuals learn that one of their senses isn’t working as it should. For example, it’s not uncommon for children who need glasses to be […]