The New Apocalypse

Here’s a new way to spark your end-of-the-world novel.  According to Bad Astronomy, the star Eta Carinae could go supernova at any time.  Of course, if I were to write an apocalypse novel, I’d probably get everybody good and scared, have them run around like crazy chickens, then end it with a near miss, with […]

Very Cool Ray Guns

Okay, I have two new goals for myself.  First, I want to get myself a Raku Ray Gun. Second, I want someday to have a Ray Gun named after me or a character of mine. 😉

Shark Mother Going it Alone

There’s an interesting bit of news on Yahoo Science.  A female shark has given birth to a baby without any DNA contribution from a male. The scientists expressed surprise over their findings, but really, who would want to cuddle up and smootchy smootchy with a shark if she had any choice?

Top Ten Weird Weather

While we’re discussing Hurricanes and other gifts of nature, check out this list on LiveScience. My favorite would have to be the Great Balls of Fire,  but they all send my muse diving for a pen to write down all the ideas–just after she grabs an umbrella.

The Science Answer to Fiction

Once again a science fiction author, in this case Stanislaw Lem among possible others, has correctly anticipated a trend in science. You can see a short article on the subject at Technovelgy, or go directly to the Fabrican Ltd site to peruse the spray-on wardrobe in your future.

Ball of Bees and WOTF Story

I’ve been doing some background research for my next story.  This will (hopefully) be my entry for the quarter of WOTF ending June 31st, and since the story is based loosely on a Chinese legend I’ve been finding out what I could about insects in China. Got all that?  Anyway, I came across this article […]

Ambitious Bacteria Making In-Roads

Have you ever noticed how lots of ‘futuristic earth’ sf stories and some fantasy stories have these long, and virtually indestructable, roads winding their way through them?  Left behind by a fallen civilization and reeking of mystery, tourists of fantasy-land and visitors from space are just grateful for the smooth traveling. Well, the road just got […]

Planet of the Ultimate Surf

Jordan’s got a blog discussion of a new planet found around a red dwarf star “Gliese 581”. The thought of a giant standing wave circling the planet has me intrigued–can you imagine catching that wave?  And how far you could ride it?  What a rush!

Underwater Resort

I found this link to a watery resort 1200 square feet under the sea while avoiding my math this morning.  If they pull this off, bubble structures out in space sound just a little closer–which of course sets my writerly brain parts to humming. Managed/Owned by Bruce Jones, each room is expected to go at roughly $15,000-per-person, per-week.  […]

Happy Rainbows

I came across this photo of rare upside-down rainbows.  I’d never heard of such a thing, myself.  The sight is setting my brain churning in all kinds of desperate writerly-sf directions. What if a world existed that only had these up-curved rainbows?  There’d be no dreams of leprechauns and pots of gold, no lucky puddles […]