Summer Break Hiatus!

I will be on a blogging break the remainder of the summer, aside from the occasional pop in for news or updates. My travels will almost span the continent, and include plenty of adventures in and out of books. ūüėÄ I look forward to seeing you all in August! Have a beautiful, glorious summer, and […]

Have You Been to Middle Earth Lately?

Today was supposed to be a spotlight day–I have books lined up, waiting in the wings, and they surely deserved their moment in the light! ¬†However, I haven’t caught up on the actual writing of the posts that will feature these books, having fallen behind when I was finishing up my wip before sending it […]

To moms, and stories!

I made a conscious decision yesterday to wait til next week for my MMGM post. ¬†Otherwise it was going to be a tossed together affair, more of a shout out than a spotlight, and it deserved better. ¬†Instead, I hungout with my family, ate chocolate truffles, and wished I took care of the small ant […]

Candy Shop War and a swift hello!

I could make excuses as to why my holiday break has stretched weeks beyond the holidays, but I thought it would be more amusing¬†if you picked an interesting one for me. ¬†Accordingly, you may pick 1 (one) of the below excuses! Two dinosaurs and three aliens crashed at our place this past weekend. ¬†They turned […]

Happy Halloween!

Next time I decide to grow a garden, I’m making one like this– because every trick or treater deserves to be met by a full-sized composted body, don’t you think? It would have scared the cowgirl hat off of me! ¬†Though I also suspect I wouldn’t have been able to resist sneaking closeer to see […]

On Being a Witch Dressed up as a Muggle, and a novel excerpt

I’m woefully out of practice writing Friday posts, and moreover just sneezed all over my screen (TMI? hehe) so this will be short and sweet. ¬†First, a hopefully helpful insight from the costume I threw together for a party a week ago– –that’s me, as a witch dressed up as a muggle. ¬†It’s funniest if […]

The deed is done, we’ve ditched our son

As I settle back into life, post-dropping my son off at college, I’m still not sure what I think of it all. ¬†On the one hand, it went fabulously. ¬†Every time we’ve gone back to visit the school, we’ve felt sure it was the right place for him. ¬†Not the most prestigious school, but he […]

Changes Underfoot

I’ve got change on my mind, for reasons I’ll get into in a minute. ¬†And I’ve noticed that when I¬†think about big changes what usually comes to mind is the weather–stuff like storms blowing in, bringing a temperature drop and maybe snow or hail. ¬†Remember the ice storm we had in March, and my pic […]


Me, my paradise is a lovely little two bedroom place on Hilton Head Island, that’s built over and around the wetlands, with trees growing up through the boardwalk and a beach waiting for you to collapse onto. We’ve still got weeks to go before we get there…but I can almost taste the salt breeze, and […]

Happy Memorial Day!

I focus a lot on the many great books which get written and read, and books are super important to me. ¬†But there were stories before there were books, both in human history and in my own life. ¬†Some of those stories are written on our hearts and never spoken aloud. ¬†Some get tucked away […]