Letting go…or holding on, despite the flood

Only once before have I missed getting my Friday post up–and that was our ice storm, in which all internet (plus power, for most people) was wiped out and I couldn’t access my blog.  Plus, a tree grew upside down.  Today’s excuse wasn’t quite so dramatic, but did prove once again how small and pitiful […]

Ice Storm Pics, aka Is That Tree Supposed to Grow Upside Down?

Pretty sure this was my first ‘for reals’ ice storm, but if not, it was certainly the one that will loom largest in memory.  It’s not just the flooded basement (that happens every few years) or the loss of internet and power blips, cause those are also reasonably common.  Pretty sure it was the juxtaposition […]

Hi, my name is SuperBowlMan, and I’m the reason the Broncos lost their Big Game

For at least the last fifteen years–longer, most likely–I’ve ignored the Super Bowl so thoroughly that it would come as a surprise to me when I chatted with my brother or friend and learned that today was ‘The Day’ and they’d be attending a party.  I can’t tell you a single team that’s played in […]

If You Give a Chicken a Snow Cone…

You can expect them to want some worm-and-acorn flavor to go with it.  Which will of course lead to your making funky brew in your backyard… While attempting to guess which pile of snow represents the purest flavors, and adjusting your snow cone recipe to accommodate the chickens’ changing taste for icy desserts… only to […]

Punk Yarn Creations

I bet you didn’t know how easily yarn and crafty creations could discover their punk side and become something to scream about.  Truth, it wasn’t something I new, either, and it’s doubtful pinterest will ever acknowledge this fact.  But, there it is, an undeniable truth set free by my glue gun. What you see (just […]

Happy Veteran’s Day!

When I was a kid and I thought of veteran’s, I thought of my Grandpa and other old men like him.  And while I knew on an intellectual level that by celebrating this day we were giving thanks to them for their sacrifices, and willingness to sacrifice, on an emotional level I celebrated Veteran’s Day […]

Free to be fun

Sounds like a slogan from the sixties, doesn’t it?  But it’s the freedom I’m feeling most grateful for today. Don’t get me wrong–there are lots of super-serious freedoms I’m thankful for, as well.  And I know the sacrifices they require, too, as I’ve had servicemen in my family in every generation and almost every war for […]

The plague of summer heat, or the peace of summer highlife?

I’m naturally quite contrary.  I love city life and having the pulse of culture at my fingertips, but live in the country because I can’t survive without its peace.  I adore travel and wouldn’t consider exploring new cultures without trying their food, but have to be careful and cautious every time I put food in my […]

The Horrible, Ugly, Despicable and Demonic Chick-Eating Snake

I get that snakes have their place in the world, and for a number of years I’ve tried to like them.  They are kind of fascinating, even if it’s a creepy kind of fascination.  Some of them are also beautiful.  But as of today, I’ve officially given up the battle to like snakes, and will […]

The great thing about Mother’s Day

Remember that when you’re making your mom an omelette–she’ll love it, shells and all!