To moms, and stories!

I made a conscious decision yesterday to wait til next week for my MMGM post.  Otherwise it was going to be a tossed together affair, more of a shout out than a spotlight, and it deserved better.  Instead, I hungout with my family, ate chocolate truffles, and wished I took care of the small ant […]

Hi, my name is SuperBowlMan, and I’m the reason the Broncos lost their Big Game

For at least the last fifteen years–longer, most likely–I’ve ignored the Super Bowl so thoroughly that it would come as a surprise to me when I chatted with my brother or friend and learned that today was ‘The Day’ and they’d be attending a party.  I can’t tell you a single team that’s played in […]

Flash Friday: Proud Parents of a Zompire

Plenty of parents have noted–in the most loving way possible–that children are rather like vampires.  They swoop down on you when least expected, prefer to stay up all night, and suck your energy dry.  When they have the flu they’re also rather like zombies–shuffling around growling at everyone, incapable of coherent communication, and, it sometimes […]

If You Give a Chicken a Snow Cone…

You can expect them to want some worm-and-acorn flavor to go with it.  Which will of course lead to your making funky brew in your backyard… While attempting to guess which pile of snow represents the purest flavors, and adjusting your snow cone recipe to accommodate the chickens’ changing taste for icy desserts… only to […]

Flash Friday–For the Love of Dentist

So I’m cheating just a bit and jumping off my own assigned Flash topic, found here.  You see, my dentist sent me a bill asking me to pay $400 for a crown I don’t have yet.  I’m supposed to have it–they did the crown prep two+ months ago, but I’ve been busy and putting off […]

Funny Friday Faceoff: the funny thing about humor writing

This week in my online humor class, several of us felt a bit like Grumpy Cat does every day– And a few students were even thinking of throwing in the towel.  Not a pretty towel, either.  This towel. Because the truth is that humor writing is hard.  And sometimes humiliating.  Which…is actually kind of funny, when you […]

Friday Funny Faceoff–Shutting it All Down

The most amusing part of the shutdown for me personally is that I can’t dredge up a single memory of the last time.  It was in winter of 95/96, and lasted for several months over Christmas.  But, I was getting married in February of ’96 and had other things on my mind.  Of course I’m […]

Funny Friday Faceplant…conference nerves edition

In a day or two I’ll be recieving my first-ever award as an adult–third place in the SCBWI Carolinas Writing Contest.  This is possibly my first award in my life that I cared about at all, and I think also the first award that wasn’t passed out in a very homey setting, amongst people I […]

Funny Friday Faceoff the 5th

To be frank, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this faceoff.  Yesterday’s post furor left me feeling less than dazzlingly funny, or even able to communicate.  But, this is precisely why I love humor–because it can help us weather the hail storms, when it feels like the world has taken an active interest in pelting […]

Funny Friday (the 13th) Faceoff

On this luckiest of Fridays, I plan to write 5k words (or cry trying) and post my humor homework.  I’m experiencing a little nerves over this, since the humor class teacher is none other than founding Onion editor, Scott Dikkers.  The focus this week is on ‘headlines’ so tell me if these are funny: B. […]