A Tiny Attempted Fib and Tiny Fairy Houses

I think this may be the longest I’ve ever neglected my blog–nearly two weeks!  But, at least I have a really, really good excuse.  I got an— !!! No, I can’t say it.  Not even as a joke.  Somebody would be sure to believe me and then word would spread and pretty soon everyone would […]

Late Night Thoughts on Time Travel

This is also a Wednesday post masquerading as a Thursday post.  Not sure why I keep missing the big W…I may need to bow to my caprice and make Thursday my post day, instead.  But then I’d be tempted to commit to Tuesday posts, as well, and the only thing you guys would see those nights would […]

Late Night Question: Weapons

In preparation for a photo shoot that will (hopefully) coincide with a snazzy new look for the blog and web page, I’ve been thinking about weapons, and my weapons of choice. I’ve trained just a bit in the bo, and loved it.  I’m currently training in two-handed swords.  Otoh, the majority of my five+ years in martial […]

Late Night Question: Cats and Lizards

I’m often up relatively late–after midnight, not yet morning–and have kind of random questions.  So, I’ve decided to start a new blog category to deal with these questions.  I’ll toss them out on the blog, and if someone knows the answer, great.  If no one knows the answer, feel free to answer it anyway and […]