Dragons Who Kick…Tail

Since I’ve recently sent off a novel featuring black belts and have also been teaching the occasional self defense class, I decided this month’s dragon should be one that I associate with martial arts. I hoped to find one on my black belt uniform, but settled for a dragon tee I used a lot while training.  I […]

The Fighting Limit

I’m guessing that everyone has a point at which they bow out of a fight. Maybe it’s when they’re outnumbered ten to one, when the other guy’s holding a bazooka, when children are hostage, or maybe they’re just tired and will pass on this one. Tonight, I discovered that I won’t fight my husband. Okay, that’s […]

When The Ninjas Get it Right

You might be wondering how I’m managing to blog on our moving day, and the answer would be— I’m a Ninja! Okay, not even a wanna-be.  But I am a fan of Ask a Ninja, and someday I plan to send in a question.  Right after I get my six foot plot of earth picked out and and […]

Fuzzy Martial Arts Moment

I got a phone call this afternoon from a lady in charge of a girls camp not too far from here.  I taught a self-defense clinic to the girls last year, and they were calling to see if I’d be willing to do it again. Unfortunately, I won’t be able too.  The camp conincides with […]

Craft – Motivation

Anna dropped to her knees on the mat and placed her fists, first two knuckles only, just out from her shoulder width.  She crossed her ankles and raised herself on just the toes of her bottom foot into push-up position. One, two, three, four, five, six . . . she pumped them off quickly, including her […]

More Instincts than Intelligence

Tonight at muay thai the instructor introduced us (or me, everyone else was familiar with it) to a new block.  The block is a defense against a hook punch, and involves wrapping the hand on the side being hit back and over so the elbow is out and the hand is resting on the back of […]

Elbow talk

I went looking on the net for info on my elbows today, because mine have caught my attention.  I took a large-ish patch of skin off of each when practicing my elbow hits on the dummy in the workout room.  He looked none the worse for the wear, but I’m whining every other move I make. Elbows get […]

Dripping Sweat

I think I’ve found the new place I’ll be training with.  It’s a new style of martial arts for me – based off of Muay Thai – but it’s a killer work out and has concievable practical value.  Today I couldn’t decide if I should puke or pass out, but I was ready with a […]