Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince–Movie Review

It’s been an insane, but highly productive, writing week, so we took the family out to see Harry Potter and the Half -lood Prince tonight as a treat.  Having thoroughly enjoyed the book, I confess I wasn’t wowed with the movie.  The acting has improved, marginally, and the special effects are definitely up from the earliest movies.  […]

Review of Twilight

I read the book over our WorldCon trip, and enjoyed it more than I’d really anticipated.  My writing friend, Becca, has had her book compared to Twilight, so I was curious.  I found it a fairly light read, but thought it did well what it aimed to do, which was share a sweet and fresh love […]

The Time Machine

After years of never getting around to it, I’ve finally joined the sci fi community and watched a movie adaptation of H.G. Wells The Time Machine.  The movie (2002 adaptation) and the book are so wildly different that I won’t get into comparisons, but instead focus on how successful the movie was as an interesting story […]

Mona Lisa Smile

I was struck by how foreign this movie was to everything I knew as a girl, everything my life was in my ‘formative years’.  As an adult I’ve brushed up against this kind of thing–fiercely competitive polish and ‘society’–but only enough to recognize it when I saw it. Some of it is the difference in times, […]

Next (Movie)

Another great film adaptaion of a story by Philip K. Dick, and true to the writers incredible ability to see a story’s myriad possiblities and let them all play out in and around the core of the plot. Next, starring Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore, and Jessica Biel,is the story of a man cursed with the ability to […]

Serenity vs. Star Wars

They’ve got a discussion going on over at Cinematical comparing the merits of sci fi films, esp. Star Wars and Serenity. I personally would rather watch Firefly (I have the complete set) over Star Wars, but I might choose Star Wars over Serenity. Of course, I refer only to the original three Star Wars shows.  […]

Happy Feet

First let me say that my enjoyment of the movie was affected by the company I had while watching it.  We saw it as part of our five-year old’s Bday party, and had a dozen young friends of hers to keep track of while we watched the show. I know, more brave than brainy. The […]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The film adaptation of Douglas Adam’s classic and humorous sci fi novel, featuring Martin Freeman as the harrassed Arthur Dent, Mos Def as cool customer Ford Prefect, Zooey Deschanel as the brilliant and beautiful Trillian, and Sam Rockwell as the one and only Zaphod Beeblebrox. Pros: The screen adaptation remains true to the principal characters’ personalities (dual […]


A movie depicting the desperation of a frantic mother, Kyle Pratt (played by Jodie Foster), and her determination to find her missing daughter.  The majority of the film takes place on a transatlantic flight just after the death of Mrs. Pratt’s husband.  Pros:  The mother is creative in her search and uses her expertise in plane layout to good advantage.  […]

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

This is on many top movie lists, and amongst the movies considered ‘must see’ for sci fi fans.  So I watched it.  And without a doubt, it is the worst movie I have ever seen. First, just to be fair, the pros: I found the the portrayel of early 20th century fears insightful, especially the anti-technology and […]