Dial M for Murder

This is an old Hitchcock (what Hitchcock isn’t old?) but a good one.  The whole thing takes place in only two locales, four if you’re really stretching the definition, and 90% of it is in the home of the Tony (Ray Milland) and Margot Wendice (Grace Kelly). To have a movie which includes a steamy love […]

Fantastic Four

The Pros:  The characters were true individuals, with their own motivation.  The graphic portrayal of their powers worked, and the actors did a good job at looking like they really were using that ability just then.  It had some funny scenes that brought a laugh, and some witty lines.  The scene, near the end, showing the effort Susan Storm put […]

Having a mutant musing moment

The first X-Men movie was pretty good, and the second was also, but I still haven’t seen the third.  Partly just busy, but partly wary due to so-so reviews.  Having just re-watched the second I’m in the mood for more mutants, so I’ll probably go get the third.  But whichever mutant movie I’m watching, and I’ll […]