On Being a Witch Dressed up as a Muggle, and a novel excerpt

I’m woefully out of practice writing Friday posts, and moreover just sneezed all over my screen (TMI? hehe) so this will be short and sweet.  First, a hopefully helpful insight from the costume I threw together for a party a week ago– –that’s me, as a witch dressed up as a muggle.  It’s funniest if […]

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

This fabulous little story is to blame for my new pet squid.  Honest–it’s all their fault!  If you look between the pages, you’ll see a cleverly written subliminal message telling people that they must have a squid, they can’t transcend themselves and achieve the happiness of enlightenment until they get a squid, and in fact, […]

Killing the Darling Zombie Chicken

I’m doing revisions on NinChicks for Christa (yes, that’s my agent I’m talking about there…and still squeeing over as you can see from this post on the cabinet!) and, ahem, recently cut my whole zombie chicken thread out of the novel. Since it doesn’t play a crucial role in the plot, we decided it was too distracting […]