Books, Kids, Parents and Graphic Content

A discussion about violence in fiction (specifically YA and Middle-grade) in the comments section of a post by agent Nathan Bransford has left me with the need toss my two cents out there.  Perhaps more than two cents.  I don’t often pull out a soap box, but this might be one of the times I do.  […]

Almost a Headline

First, upon removing the bumper of our car to fix the damage done by the deer, they discovered that the car was in an accident at some time previous and was not fully repaired.  Fortunately the additional repairs are not going to blow the bank–but they’re not going to be cheap, either. Then I headed home in […]

You Might Be a Dork If…

You respond to a Craigslist ad, email the person on and off negotiating for the better part of a week, settle on acceptable terms, and then confess– That you live over an hour drive away from the lister, in another city, and would they mind bringing the item to you or meeting somewhere halfway?

Best and Worst Divided by Foldable Green

I’ve never actually watched the Emmy’s–nor the Oscar’s, for that matter–but I find it amusing to sometimes click over the red carpet pics and the lists of best and worst dressed.  I find it entertaining because the division between these two lists has always seemed a bit arbitrary. Look for yourself, and see what I mean. Heading the best […]

Hauling Away the Uhaul

Sadly, I did not get photos.  You will all have to stretch your imagination tall and long in order to wrap it around the mental image of a 24 foot uhaul–backed into my driveway. Now, if said Uhaul had been mine, that would be alright.  If it had belonged to a sister, cousin, or neighbor, […]

The Other Side of the Storm

I know this is a Yahoo article, which would mean in the usual course that it was too public for me to blog.  Why blog something everyone’s already seen?  But this particular topic has been a pet peeve of mine for long enough that I find myself unable to resist the urge to pull it […]

Bailouts, Fed Up USA, and the Perspective of History

I’m a homeowner trying to sell my house at a bad time, a time when no one can get the credit to qualify for a loan, so you’d think I’d fall on the side of bailout bills and rescue plans.  That would be the fastest route, it stands to reason, for me to unload my […]

Infinity Version Three

I’m cutting, expanding, editing and re-working three stories right now.  All are being prepped for specific markets and have already been through a thousand and one edits, or so it feels. And let me just say, keeping track of the versions can be a royal pain. It should be simple.  Version 1, 2, 3, etc. […]

Three Weeks, and Gas K.O.

I feel rather like a puffer fish who’s taken in all the water/air he can absorb but must still absorb a bit more.  I have three weeks of classwork left, during which time I’ll also take four of my last finals.  Then it’ll be a bit of mopping up, so to speak, and one last […]

New Meaning to Red Eye

Note to self: Red means danger.  Red means stop.  Red means don’t-put-it-in-your-eye. I have the kind of contacts which soak overnight in a peroxide solution.  They get nicely cleaned, and by morning the peroxide’s neutralized.  Then, I keep a saline solution at hand, and squirt a bit of that in the contacts before putting them […]