Submission Blues

While watching myself and friends go through the hectic time of bringing home a newborn, I was always struck by the irony that just when a woman is most exhausted from childbirth and often at a low point physically, she must have her sleep disrupted several times a night by a baby. You’re wondering what […]

Music to Fly By

While of course I’m grateful for many things this Thanksgiving, what comes to mind when listening to friends’ travel plans?  That I’m staying home. My flying horror stories aren’t that horrendous.  Rude, inconsiderate attendants who treat people as something less than sub-citizen, officious security officers denying my preschooler the water their documents stated she was allowed, time spent standing in lines for […]

Patchwork Purse

Guess how much this Louis Vuitton purse is selling for. Guess higher. And the really crazy thing?  At just over $52,000, it’s by no means the most expensive purse out there, and has an embarrassing lack of diamonds. This is proof positive that insanity roams freely, and is smiling out from under those sunglasses.

Analysis of Murrow’s Orchestrated Hell

I’ve been reading an analysis written by Belyn Rodgers of Edward Murrow’s Orchestrated Hell.  The radio piece in question was an influential report delivered in 1943 by reporter and journalist Edward R. Murrow.  As a piece of influential rhetoric and effective storytelling the report is interesting to listen to in its own right, but it is […]

Blogging Legalities

Jordan recently had a reader start spouting at him and generally hefting the law in his face, so he posted a link to a Legal Guide for Bloggers.  I thought I’d post it here but skip the drama, at least for today. What I find interesting is how often, when faced with someone willing to go […]

When Your Writing is a Crime

The first of the fallout from the Va Tech shooting has hit the field of writing.  A high school student in Cary, Ill. was arrested for a creative writing essay that his teacher found ‘disturbing’.  The essay has not been released, so far as I know, but some of the content has been reported in […]

I’m Scared of Cops, Are You?

I’ve lifted this message from the body of an email sent by a friend of mine.  When I read of her ‘cop fear’, I had to confess that I have it too.  Just this week I was followed a short way by a Sherrif, and was so busy checking my speed and watching him in the […]

Post Article ‘Pearls Before Breakfast’

This was a grea hoax, and a great article by the Washington Post.  I am grateful to feel confident I would have stopped, because I always stop for the street musicians if they’re any good at all. But that brings up a point. You see, I’m not a commuter.  I work from home, on a flexible schedule, […]

7-year Old Arrested Over Dirt Bike

This story just blows me away.  I generally try to stay clear of ‘current events’, esp. of a potentially political nature, but the idiocy of this is just too incredible. If the kid’s dirt bike was illegal, why didn’t they take it up with the owner/his parents?  A seven-year old didn’t procure a dirt bike […]

I’m Awake! . . . awake . . .

What is the point of daylight savings again?  And since when is daylight something we can ‘save’ up?  Here’s a link to a Slate report on what’s behind the clock changes.  Daylight savings is supposed to get us up with the sun so we’ll use less energy, but there doesn’t seem to be much evidence to […]