Ice Storm Pics, aka Is That Tree Supposed to Grow Upside Down?

Pretty sure this was my first ‘for reals’ ice storm, but if not, it was certainly the one that will loom largest in memory.  It’s not just the flooded basement (that happens every few years) or the loss of internet and power blips, cause those are also reasonably common.  Pretty sure it was the juxtaposition […]

Happy Veteran’s Day!

When I was a kid and I thought of veteran’s, I thought of my Grandpa and other old men like him.  And while I knew on an intellectual level that by celebrating this day we were giving thanks to them for their sacrifices, and willingness to sacrifice, on an emotional level I celebrated Veteran’s Day […]

Howling at the Meanies

What is the deal with Halloween–what does it mean to you?  Is it the chance to eat so much candy you’ll be up in the middle of the night wishing you could puke?  Only to sneak into your younger brother’s room and start on his? Or do you spend weeks figuring out (and better yet, sewing!) […]

What Time Is It When…

A tree falls on your fence? No glib answers, now! In your calculations, please take into account that the wind-speed last night was no more than 5-10 mph, although there was up to an inch of rain. Also, that no one checked the back pasture fence (whereon this tree resides) yesterday, so we have no way of […]

Thursday’s Children: Plunging Into the Unknown

My friend Pat’s post reminded me of the amazing inspiration dreams can be, and what it takes to live them.  Which also–in keeping with this week’s theme–takes a little crazy.  And that made me think of turtles.                               Let’s see…turtles: Cold, […]

Why Funny?

I get asked every once in awhile why I write funny stuff.  Do I really have a brain that still chortles over chicken jokes?  Am I trying to say poop jokes are sophisticated humor?  Well, yeah, actually.  I am and they are!  But there are myriad ways I could channel my juvenile side and I’ve […]

A Taste of the South

I’ve never been a huge fan of southern cooking, so I was a little wary of trying any restaurant that was too authentically southern.  No grits, livers, or fried okra for me!  I like my food to fall into categories I would roughly describe as identifiable and, um, within a stone’s throw of “normal”. Anyway, […]

A Successful Comet Sighting!

We went out comet-watching again tonight and finally–finally, finally, finally–we saw it! And I got a pic! Not easy to see, but I’m thrilled all the same!  I’ll give you a minute to search the pic and try to spot it, then I’ll give you a couple hints in case you need them. …letting you […]

Cats Will Cause the Zombie Apocalypse

And you may already be infected! The Atlantic: How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy The article is on the long side, but even if you just skim it’s well worth reading.  Crazy stuff, and of course even crazier when you realize that you’re only resisting the research because protozoa have taken over your brain. 😉 […]

What kind of gratitude do broken boots give you?

Muck, mud, puddles, poo, cold, nails, shavings, dirt.  These are all things my boots are supposed to protect me from, and all things they let in when they’re broken down and full of holes.  But as I head into the flurry of our Thanksgiving week, I’m grateful for my boots, in whatever shape. See, my […]