One Man’s Treat is Another Man’s Poison

Gooey nutty pies, gorgeous peanut butter mousse, molten peanut butter cake, darling peanut butter pops, and of course, anything made with the classic peanut butter cookie. I’m sure it looks gorgeous to you, but it makes me want to gag.  Literally. There’s no getting away from peanuts, no matter how hard I try.  That was the […]

In Which We Coin a New Verb and Consider a Zoo License

I hear there are people out there who don’t like animals, or have no desire to keep a pet.  I’m even related to a few.  While I’m sure it must be difficult to sleep at night knowing they haven’t got any pitter-pattering or chicken-scratching feet around their home, I’m here to tell them they can […]

Giving Thanks for My Veterans

When people talk about Veterans Day, the image that comes to mind is often something like this: And that’s a beautiful example and a fine tribute.  Today, however, my thoughts are a little closer to home as I think of my Grandpa and my brother, Jake.  I see each of them standing tall and proud in their […]

Pumpkin Inspiration

Yesterday we bought our pumpkins, and this weekend we carve them!  I’m super excited, but also a little nervous.  You see, in past years, however my pumpkin turned out, I was reasonably pleased with it and happy to have had fun.  I do always wish I had a few more to play with, but I […]

The Reason You Should Never Cross a Writer

Question: What’s the common thread between a dorky tent-camp manager, a traffic cop, and a shark? Answer:  They’re all inspiration for characters in the new series I’m working on.  They’re also all proof you should think carefully before inspiring a writer.  People often get excited when they meet a writer–they love the idea of having a […]

Shearing Season–aka the self-inflicted summer cut

I like to cut my own hair, and have gotten so I can usually pull it off without the need for a brown paper bag standing by.  My favorite is the layered cut, ’cause it takes my heavy mane and makes it manageable and, as an added plus, is very forgiving of mistakes. Just for comparisons sake, this […]

My New York Confession

I have something to share which shames me to admit.  My fear is that this will not only reflect poorly on my childhood aptitude and my sterling reputation for discernment as an adult, it may also offend my new friends.  Specifically, those from New York. Perhaps I can make it up to them when I blog […]

Passing On A Laugh

No pun intended, unless the reader is currently querying a humor novel. 😉 After testing the waters with a few queries for The Popcorn Potion, I discovered a new and fascinating obsession: that of attempting to extract from a single nondescript sentence why oh why the rejecting agent would pass on my manuscript.  And without […]

Tales of a Census Worker

I came across this article on Yahoo, and took a trip down memory lane to the stint I did with the census back in ’99.  The article emphasizes the sometimes unwelcome reception that one gets as a door-to-door census worker, and I can vouch for that. As a young woman and an outsider in a rural area, […]

Beauty Within Art

I know that I’m going out on a limb, here.  It’s extreme, and I freely acknowledge it.  But I like my art to be beautiful. It can be strange, new, outside the box.  That’s okay.  But it can also put a spotlight on something that’s spoken to the human souls for hundreds of years and generations beyond […]