Goodbye to The Sigurd Journal

When my cousin, friend, and writing buddy, Caleb, called me up a couple years ago and asked what I thought of taking on the job of managing editor for The Sigurd Journal (TSJ) I thought he was crazy, but I also knew I had to say yes.  While the crazy never stopped, I learned a lot and […]

TSJ Update

Just a short note to say that The Sigurd Journal site has been updated, and will be experiencing regular updates from here on.  I’m not sure how they/we did it, but someone finally got the backwards and sloth-like web editor to make changes and begin catching up the site…can’t imagine what was keeping them.  People […]

New Editor-itis

I think I’ve contracted something.  My blog is suffering, my online friends too, and I’ve gained a sudden sympathy for the poor lost souls who have to write rejection letters.  It’s called new editor-itis, and I’m hoping eventually it can be cured–or at least the symptoms can be contained.  After all, it is my intent […]