To Boldly Go Where You Scarce Dare To Go

Writing is challenging enough–sharing your writing with others can be enough to turn a bold, confident individual into a gibbering ball of fear hiding under their desk.  And yet, it’s what we all want to do!  In the middle school writing club I lead each week, I’m reminded of this as the student writers gathered […]

Howling at the Meanies

What is the deal with Halloween–what does it mean to you?  Is it the chance to eat so much candy you’ll be up in the middle of the night wishing you could puke?  Only to sneak into your younger brother’s room and start on his? Or do you spend weeks figuring out (and better yet, sewing!) […]

Luke’s hand, Darth Vader, and Story Core

I’ve been having deep writerly thoughts–or I think I have.  Maybe they’re just morbid.  But, they’re all centered on Star Wars, so bad can they be?  I mean, a series of movies with a man-eating hole, a nasty ‘thing’ living in a garbage chute that’s going to squish you alive, and a bad guy who wants […]

A New-Old Obsession

When does research become obsession?  At what point is the To Read pile just too high?  And how did I keep all these books from falling over? That last question? I tip-toed.  And I’m listening for the thunderous thump.  As for the others…I don’t think my books can possibly climb too high–but then, research AND obsessing […]