The Unicorn in the Barn, an interview with author Jackie Ogburn, and my Holiday GIVEAWAY!

I am delighted to be able to share with you today both my holiday giveaway and an interview with The Unicorn in the Barn author Jackie Ogburn! Jackie was one of my first friends/mentors within the kidlit world, and I adore the wonder and rich imagery of her picture books. When I heard she was […]

Mango Delight, by Fracaswell Hyman, for MMGM

Many thanks to the talented and generous Rosi Hollinbeck, for my copy of Mango Delight! Her blog is always a treasure-trove of excellent writing advice and equally excellent reviews. You’ll find that here. The copy I won was an ARC, and came without a final cover. So, I let the story speak to me and […]

Among the Imposters, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, for MMGM

Happy MMGM, my friends! I’ve been so focused on all things romantic suspense–we’re exactly one week out from my Lily Black launch–that I feel I’ve been neglecting my middle grade side. And since I truly believe that in the center of my soul is a girl of some age between 11 and 14, curled up […]

Happy Memorial Day–from me and da Strawberry Man!

Memorial Day is about looking back, and honoring all those who’ve sacrificed their lives so that our freedoms and way of life can continue–and that’s something I wholeheartedly support! But, it’s also an excellent time to look back on our own lives, and on our year.  It’s not quite the mid-point of the year, but […]

A Smorgasbord of Graphic Novels!

Isn’t that an awesome word?  And so much more interesting than boring old ‘buffet.’  Plus, there’s something about it that feels like it belongs in a graphic novel or comic! First on today’s smorgasbord is a variety pack of stories, in itself.  Called ‘Explorer: the hidden doors, and edited by Kazu Kibuishi, it’s a collection […]

Bone, by Jeff Smith

I’m dedicating my month of November (and perhaps even some of December) to graphic novels, comics, and manga…specifically those you can put in the hands of your nearest Avenger and super hero crazed middle schooler!  These are books which I feel tend to get under-utilized, and sometimes even entirely overlooked.  My super secret evil plan […]

Stumbling and Staggering and Banging into October

Some days just feel like a continental slide.  You’re ready and willing to address the needs of the day, but those needs keep tilting and tripping all over one another.  Today would be one of those days–probably ’cause it’s bumping up against October and can feel our impatience to be on with the next month.  Personally, […]

Redefining endless, aka the next level of rewrites

Somewhere on this blog in the not too distant past, I talked about my rewrites and waxed eloquent about my latest changes to 13 Demon Days.  This time, I’d really figured it out.  This time, I’d broken the code and sorted all the puzzles pieces so progress would go forward without any more hiccups or bumps. […]

Shearing Season–aka the self-inflicted summer cut

I like to cut my own hair, and have gotten so I can usually pull it off without the need for a brown paper bag standing by.  My favorite is the layered cut, ’cause it takes my heavy mane and makes it manageable and, as an added plus, is very forgiving of mistakes. Just for comparisons sake, this […]

Query Contest

With several Popcorn queries going the rounds and more on their way, I’ve decided to enter Mary of’s query contest.  It will be interesting to see how the contest goes, and my thanks to Mary for giving us this opportunity. Luck to all the entries!