The Buzz of a Lightning Strike

After a long day of WriteOnCon brain-crashing, I remembered that beach vacations involve time on the beach and packed up the towels, bags, and beach toys.  Only to be met by this– BOOM!!! Yep, a big ol’ eastern storm.  The kind that makes me want to throw caution to the wind and run for the […]

If you’re wondering who’s behind the alien invasion…

The Ravencroft animals cornered Ace,                     a little green alien whose book just came out, and plied him with a few of their questions! Zeke (the dog) How do you say hello on your planet? We stick out our tongues (like in my photo). Personally, I […]

Killing the Darling Zombie Chicken

I’m doing revisions on NinChicks for Christa (yes, that’s my agent I’m talking about there…and still squeeing over as you can see from this post on the cabinet!) and, ahem, recently cut my whole zombie chicken thread out of the novel. Since it doesn’t play a crucial role in the plot, we decided it was too distracting […]

I have an agent!

Okay, first the story ’cause why would I hook you in with fantastic news like that and not string you along for a little while?  After all, you want to experience some of my anticipation with me, don’t you? lol  Months ago, I participated in the awesome WriteOnCon pitchfest–and discovered all kinds of great ways to […]

Sarra Cannon Interview and Pants that Travel

You know all the buzz about ebooks?  Indie authors, and the latest way to make $$ on the internet writing what you love?  Well, get ready cause I just finished an interview with Sarra Cannon, indie author extraordinaire!  It’ll go up on my group blog, the cabinet, this Friday morning.  Come check it out, and bring your questions […]

What Not to Wear in New York…On My Feet

Chinatown.  The Numismatic museum (and pirate gold!).  The World Trade Center Memorial.  The Empire State Building.  Grand Central Station.  And, of course, SCBWI’s winter conference.  What do all of these have in common? They’re going to be really cold and icy this weekend! But I’m a writer.  I write.  Sometimes I daydream.  In an efficient and […]

The Book of Deliciousness

Or, that’s what I’d call it anyway.  Super congrats to Caleb Warnock on signing a three book contract with Ceder Fort!  I know the scheduled book is a very practical nonfiction devoted to self-sufficiency skills, but as an especially privileged cousin, I’ve eaten Caleb’s cooking and I’m betting the book is jam-packed with tasty recipes.  […]

A Shout Out for Hush, Hush

It’s got the penultimate bad boy you know you shouldn’t love.  It’s got a sweet and witty girl way in over her head.  It’s got ancient magic from the dawn of time, and a clash between the forces of heaven and hell.  Sink your teeth into Hush, Hush, and you’ll soon be begging for seconds. Congratulations to Becca […]

On All Things Writing

Tuesday was an interesting day.  First there was the news that my story had bombed out on the wotf front.  That took several large gulps to get down, but has since been digested and accepted. In searching for a submission backdoor I chatted with James Maxey and found that he and authors David Drake, Mark […]

Weekend Blitzer

After quizzing the aquarium staff at the Georgia Aquarium until they must have wondered if I was some kind of secret shopper for all things fishy, then heading over for a two parts delight, one part misery visit to the Terracotta warriors (the misery was due to our arriving at the same time as the school groups), we […]