Attack of the Pair-a-noids

I’m still running a bit behind after my trip to the dentist yesterday afternoon, in which I picked up a crown for my broken tooth. ¬†Because I’ve heard crowns are quite comforting when a tooth is broken. ūüėČ But I always have time for a little paranoia, right? ¬†And that’s what this week’s prompt is […]

This Little Piggy Went to Market

Did you ever play that game, with a child, where you wiggle each toe and describe how the little piggies went to market, or stayed home? ¬† My toddlers loved it! ¬†Seriously, they thought it was the greatest thing since cupcakes were invented, and that was before the grand finish where the last ‘piggy’ ran […]

Raising a Storm

It’s often said that raising bright, inquisitive kids comes with its own challenges. ¬†After all, the quicker their minds, the faster they out think their tired parents–and any rules you set, right? ¬†How much harder would it be, then, to raise kids with powers and abilities beyond the norm? ¬†Rather challenging, I suspect. ¬†Since I’m […]

Happy Fourth of July!

After properly scaring (or should that be scarring?) our neighbors and chickens with lovely fireworks from across the border, most of which flew so high they lit up the sky and disappeared, I’ve finally settled down to my post. ¬†But first, a flaming M&M dude. ¬†Because apparently this is what happens when you stuff a […]

Steampunking the World

I’ll be at ConTemporal today, reveling in the steampunk world. ¬†My panel schedule (should you find yourself a transport pad and a few extra hours) is as follows: Fri (the 27th) 5:00 pm ¬†What Can Professional Organizations Offer the Writer? Fri (the 27th) 6:00 pm ¬†The Steampunking of American Culture Sat (the 28th) 12:00 pm […]

Out of the dust…or sand, as the case may be.

You’ll never guess my inspiration for today’s flash piece. ūüėČ I stepped back, and stared at the sand castle I’d just shaped. ¬†Where had that come from? ¬†It was…not remotely what I expected when I agreed to enter Aunt Genna’s contest. The draped towels behind me rippled as Starla shook them. ¬†“Come on, Tammy, hurry […]

How to Cook Your Father in 10 Easy Steps

This week’s prompt was ‘a cooking disaster,’ but with me those hardly feel like fiction–as witness the ‘oops, I just preheated the oven without realizing I’d left a loaf of bread in there two days ago’ blackened pumpkin bread I pulled out yesterday. ¬†I’m not a bad cook, but I can be absentminded, and that […]

What does it take to get you out of bed?

It’s funny, last month when I turned the calender over to show May I groaned, as it seemed every square was already triple-booked. ¬†This month, June doesn’t look so bad…but what’s not on there is all the stuff that got pushed off from May onto June, plus the good things (like new writing projects and […]


Me, my paradise is a lovely little two bedroom place on Hilton Head Island, that’s built over and around the wetlands, with trees growing up through the boardwalk and a beach waiting for you to collapse onto. We’ve still got weeks to go before we get there…but I can almost taste the salt breeze, and […]

Find a penny, pick it up…

Do you believe in luck? ¬†And if so, how much do you believe? ¬†Me, I’m a rational person with a scientific mind and a tendency to contingency plan everything until the outcome is a forgone conclusion. ¬†Until things start to go wrong, of course, and then I cross my fingers and knock on wood. ¬†But, […]