Letting go…or holding on, despite the flood

Only once before have I missed getting my Friday post up–and that was our ice storm, in which all internet (plus power, for most people) was wiped out and I couldn’t access my blog.  Plus, a tree grew upside down.  Today’s excuse wasn’t quite so dramatic, but did prove once again how small and pitiful […]

For Mummsy Day

It’s impossible for me to think about mothering–my own, especially–without a fierce protectiveness.  This isn’t to say that I overlook the sweet, smiling and nurturing side of mothering.  That’s my second thought.  But children need advocates and there is none better than their mom. Of course, they also need independence, and freedom to fall down, […]

May The Fourth Be With You!

Do you remember these? Or this, my masterful recreation of the Death Star? If so, I’m sure you already know what this Sunday is–May the Fourth, otherwise known as Star Wars Day!  As a family we’ve got plans to rewatch one of the movies, share with each other various oddments from around the internet like […]

Stormy Friendship

A not in the least biographical piece.  If only because I haven’t got the power… 😉 I kicked the cloud in front of me, sending it rolling across the sky and leaving it bruised and stormy–just like I felt.  Without waiting for it to stop, I stomped through another cluster of clouds, scattering them like […]

Spring Break(fast)

This was almost–almost–a Flash Fraterday post, but here I am and better late than never, right?  It’s been a busy week around the blogosphere for me, with my first post going up on the Mommy Authors group blog I’m participating in.  You’ll find that here, and it’s a discussion of the symbolism of hands and […]

In case the Zombies come digging…

Today’s Flash Friday blog hop is sponsored by this week’s celebration of Writing Your Epitaph–which I’ll bet you’ve been thinking about all week, cause it’s such a big holiday and all.  Yes?  No?  Well, in case you find this as fascinating as I do, here’s an interesting bit of info on decoding gravestones–both their shape […]

The Oatmeal Storm

I must have gone to sleep last night thinking of the tornados my friends and family in St. Louis are dodging, and the hurricane season that’s just heating up.  Given the ice storms (and blizzards) we all just weathered, it can seem a bit like nature is out to get us.  And wouldn’t it be […]

What would a modern day Mars look like?

Anyone who’s read the Percy Jackson books will remember Ares, the bullying biker god of war.  All well and good, but I think if Mars were walking down the streets of New York, he’d be a little less obvious and a lot more effective if he took a different form.  After all, some of the […]

Coming Out Cracked

Today’s flash story is in honor of our adorable little chick which hatched this week, and his buddies who are heading in to hatch.  But, since spring is also the season of emerging ticks, huge muddy messes, and waaay too much pollen, this piece has a little twist.  ‘Cause life may be sweet but it’s […]

Pumpkin Pie…selfies?

As I got the kids up and moving this morning, I debated what to write for my Flash piece today.  Obviously something pie-ful, but what exactly?  Then I happened to notice my cell wasn’t where I put it last night…in fact, it was all the way in the kitchen, which was odd because I always […]