A Practical Guide to Getting that Middle Grade Mood

We talk about the age of characters in MG, and while there’s some dispute, we can generally agree that the range is from approx. 8 to somewhere around 12-14.  We also talk about content, such as more limited romance, or a younger approach to it with less focus on finding a soul-mate.  But, what about […]

Happy Bday to Obsidian Threads!

Today, as a Friday special, we have a guest post by Charlie Pulsipher, who has just released book 2 in his Lost Shards series, Obsidian Threads. After that teaser of a cover, here’s the blurb for the book:  Rho has awakened. Its acolytes will tear worlds apart to release their deity from its prison. Any hope […]

Happy Halloween!

Next time I decide to grow a garden, I’m making one like this– because every trick or treater deserves to be met by a full-sized composted body, don’t you think? It would have scared the cowgirl hat off of me!  Though I also suspect I wouldn’t have been able to resist sneaking closeer to see […]

On Being a Witch Dressed up as a Muggle, and a novel excerpt

I’m woefully out of practice writing Friday posts, and moreover just sneezed all over my screen (TMI? hehe) so this will be short and sweet.  First, a hopefully helpful insight from the costume I threw together for a party a week ago– –that’s me, as a witch dressed up as a muggle.  It’s funniest if […]

MMGM: Is that Golden Retreivor here to gut you?

I’ve just wrapped up my two day seminar, listening to David Farland (aka David Wolverton) and it was awesome!  In fact, all of it–or, um, everything–was awesome!  Especially this pic, of the two of us. Very memorable, no?  I think it’s the best pic that’s not a pic but rather a pathetic stick drawing representation […]

Writing middlegrades: Do you inspire wonder, or horror?

As I sit here typing this post, I have the creepy feeling there’s a spider in my hair.  There’s the echo of a tickle at the roots of my hair, and a kind of slithering sensation across my scalp.  Of course I know there isn’t LIKELY a spider in my hair…but I have been out […]

Attack of the Pair-a-noids

I’m still running a bit behind after my trip to the dentist yesterday afternoon, in which I picked up a crown for my broken tooth.  Because I’ve heard crowns are quite comforting when a tooth is broken. 😉 But I always have time for a little paranoia, right?  And that’s what this week’s prompt is […]

This Little Piggy Went to Market

Did you ever play that game, with a child, where you wiggle each toe and describe how the little piggies went to market, or stayed home?   My toddlers loved it!  Seriously, they thought it was the greatest thing since cupcakes were invented, and that was before the grand finish where the last ‘piggy’ ran […]

Raising a Storm

It’s often said that raising bright, inquisitive kids comes with its own challenges.  After all, the quicker their minds, the faster they out think their tired parents–and any rules you set, right?  How much harder would it be, then, to raise kids with powers and abilities beyond the norm?  Rather challenging, I suspect.  Since I’m […]

Happy Fourth of July!

After properly scaring (or should that be scarring?) our neighbors and chickens with lovely fireworks from across the border, most of which flew so high they lit up the sky and disappeared, I’ve finally settled down to my post.  But first, a flaming M&M dude.  Because apparently this is what happens when you stuff a […]