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I am super excited about the project I am pitching now! Here’s the 30 second pitch:

ONCE UPON A WITNESS is an upper middle grade of 60,000 words.  This fairytale mashup is DEALING WITH DRAGONS meets SHREK, in which an enterprising ex-princess discovers that the Organization of Fairy Godmothers is using the Island of Witness Protection to dispose of anyone who doesn’t fit their idea of a happily ever after.

Blog followers will know, this spring I amicably parted ways with my first agent.  A necessary step, as we’d grown in different directions, but still a super challenging choice since I genuinely liked my agent.  In the wake of that decision, the writing of this book became an investment in me, and in my dreams and creativity.  I like to think the subtext of this story is that we can find our happily ever after if we’re willing to work for it, and when we do it will be because of who we are–not in spite of, as so often we seem to be told.  Besides…there’s nothing like losing yourself in a story like this, where the Island of Witness Protection includes a fairy tale market with a shoe shop called The Glass Slipper, where the best baked goods come from The Little Red Hen, and heading over to Fee Fi Food means passing a place selling glass coffins–complete with sleeping princess mannequins–and a flying carpet shop, to add a little wonder and light to life.

Here’s to joy, and life, and adventure!

Enchanted tree with Once Upon words
As a secondary project, I’m doing rewrites on a scifi adventure that’s kinda like Indiana Jones mashed up against Serenity/Firefly, but with a MG hero who can use his chi to move outside his body.  With a highly attuned penchant for trouble, a warrior-princess covering his back, a shipful of friends, and a possible doppelganger out in the ether, hunting him, the adventure is non stop.

In summer of 2013 my MG novel NinChicks won third place in the SCBWI Carolinas fiction contest, sponsored by Adams Literary.

SCBWI Raleigh May 2013 awards

You can see me in the back row, third in from the left, wearing black and standing between Tracy Adams and my good friend and fellow award winner Jen McConnel.

I am additionally a multiple times over honorable mention for the Writers of the Future Contest, as well as a semi-finalist.

And finally, my first romantic suspense novel will be coming out from Red Adept Publishing in spring of 2017 under my pen name Lily Black.  Website with full details is


Here’s a list of my earlier publications:

Nonfiction Articles:

“Backyard Chickens: What your children can learn from them” in the Spring 2013 issue of Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

“Fighting Back,” feature article in Living Without Magazine, Winter 2006.


Published Short Stories:

“The Immortal Horse” in Every Day Fiction, August 2010.  Never seek to create perfection if you’re working from flawed logic.  Perfection will have no mercy.

Below are the short stories published under the name Suanne Warr.  I have since resolved my dispute with that tyrannical Z, and added it back into my name.

“A Star’s Seduction” in Every Day Fiction, November 2008.  The trouble with making a bid for power is you might having a winning hand.

“The Centauri Affair” in Every Day Fiction, March 2008.  A guy, a car, and no room for a salesman.

“Riding the Dream Dragon” in From the Asylum, January 2008.  Forget rodeos and rollercoasters–try riding a Dream Dragon.

“Watcher in the Dark” in Ruins Extraterrestrial, an anthology.  Now available from Amazon and in B&N bookstores.  Take a guy who can focus his chi to move outside his body, mix in some pirates, spaceships, and an angry guardian of the ruins, and you’ve got Watcher.

“Storm’s Rising” in Every Day Fiction, November 2007.  This story can also be found int EDF’s Best of 2008 anthology.   A young apprentice with plenty of angst and an affinity for water.

“Bovine Aspirations” in Bewildering Stories, October 2007.  Never underestimate a cow with ambition.

“Sweet Revenge” in Every Day Fiction, September 2007.  This story began life as a crafting piece, and ended life as a laugh.  Read it when you’re feeling spiteful.

“Ghost Spider” in AlienSkin Magazine, Aug/Sep 2007.  Phobia, every writers best friend. 😉

“Animal Expressions” in Jupiter World Press (now closed), May 2006.  My first sale, this was a collection of short and snappy pieces which have since given birth to larger stories.

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