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This was taken right after my black belt test--I'm amazed none of the bruises show!

This was taken right after my black belt test–I’m amazed none of the bruises show!

Writers get asked a lot why, when, and how they knew they wanted to become a writer, but for me it wasn’t so much a career choice as a necessity.  I was one of those kids who went around quietly telling themselves stories, and yes, I had an imaginary friend or two.  Writing the stories down was my best chance of ever separating fiction from ‘real life,’ which is something I’m still working on.

My growing up years were spent in an alternate universe without tv or traditional schooling, but with lots and lots of books.  After graduating high school, I took an enrolled tour of colleges and universities that was almost coast to coast, and sampled a half dozen majors.  I finally transferred all my credits back to Brigham Young University and in 2008 walked away with a Bachelors of General Studies with an emphasis in History.  Some might call history dry, but I love it and always feel like I’m drinking from the story fire hydrant when I study it!

I have a black belt in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, and have also spent time learning judo, jujitsu, bo staff, and how to handle a broadsword.  If you ever need a sparring partner, I’m so there and can even keep it clean.  Otoh, don’t ask me to play basketball without first signing a waiver.



I was born in the Year of the Dragon, and keep a menagerie of dragons around our home.  Perhaps that’s why dragons tend to show up in my stories in one form or another.  Just like cats, they can’t resist sticking their nose right in the middle of whatever mystery or adventure there is, and I’m no good at keeping them out!

I’ve also worked as a content editor–think big picture and structure–and spent three years coaxing books of a variety of genres into publishing condition while working at Red Adept Publishing. Though I’ve stepped away from the editing world since becoming an author, I think editing taught me more about writing than all the classes and crafting books put together, so it’s my recommendation to aspiring writers that they join a critique group and throw themselves into the editing process whenever they’re not actively writing.

I live in the heart of North Carolina, within a half day’s drive of both the beach and the mountains.  I share my piece of paradise with my husband and teen daughter (my son has fledged and flown off to see the world), plus one dog who believes himself famous since he’s in the author photo for my Lily Black books, and of course, Apricot-kitty who knows the dog is delusional, but tolerates him anyway.

I am thrilled to be represented by Peter Rubie, of FinePrint, so if you’d like me to sign a Rich and Famous contract, you’ll need to talk to him. If you’d like to connect, I’m on twitter as @warrchick and would love to see you there, and on Facebook as Suzanne Warr. I’m also on instagram as warrchick, and post lots of pretty nature pics, the occasional Lily Black update, plus life happenings. Here on the blog I participate in Marvelous Middle Grade Monday, usually with a middle grade book in the spotlight, and drop the occasional update in on my writing life, as well.

If you have any questions, comments, insights, or rotten tomatoes, feel free to leave a comment, or email me at: theraven (a) suzannewarr (dot) com.  As this email address is only checked when the moon threatens to pass the sun but instead goes home for cheese and grapes, I can’t promise to reply, but at least you’ll know the line is open.

If, after all of the above, you still haven’t found what you’re looking for perhaps you can ask my romantic-suspense-publishing alter ego what she’s up to. You’ll find me as Lily Black here, and the Book Ninjas’ Blush-O-Meter (which I host as Lily) here. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  • Hi Suzanne,

    I have been trying and trying to leave comments on your blog. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong, but my comments never seem to appear. It seems to me I used to be able to comment. Don’t know what is going on. Anyway, I am enjoying reading your posts.

    Rosi Hollinbeck

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