Disney World Operation

I had grand plans of getting a post and pics up every day we stayed in Disney World.  I’d start with a tribute to Walt Disney himself, and move on to commentary on the universality of creativity.  Alas, my grand blogging plans were hijacked by a lion on a mission.

As you can see, he was very majestic.  He also had a mouth full of impressively persuasive teeth.  Green globulars had invaded Disney World, and the lion used his royal prerogative to request my help.  I protested my need to blog, but his royal highness dangled rich rewards backed by threats and I felt obliged to accept.

My first strategem was to gather news and spies by recruiting those aerial watchers, the birds.  For this I was forced to buy lots of delicious french pastries.  Because, you know, birds are very particular eaters and only accept the highest fare in crumbs.

Several birds came to my call.  These two were particularly helpful:


They sighted green globulars on the ruins, and noted that my getaway vessel had been taken hostage by the greenies.


However, it wasn’t until I talked to the fish that I tracked down the invaders spoken of by the lion king.

With the invaders taken care of, his royal shagginess the king offered me the opportunity to dine at his favorite restaurant.  Here’s a sample of the menu:

I opted to forage instead.

So you see, there really was no chance to blog.  If you don’t believe me, ask the lion.  Just remember that creatures with teeth like that may have a different perspective on what constitutes a conversation!

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