Feeling Seusseous and My First Curiosity Post

My first post on the Cabinet of Curiosities is up!  Or, maybe it’s almost up.  We’ll see if I correctly communicated with blogger. 😛  I had a fun time writing the post, since it gave me a chance to quote Dr. Seuss.  He’s been an all-time favorite writer of mine my entire life, and I’ve always felt a little extra special since we share the birthday month of March.

If only I hadn’t been two days tardy, we’d share the same day–but I guess my special-wattage will have to make do with what I got.  Dr. Seuss’s books are like chocolate–always welcome, and always a pick-me-up.

Today we’re off for a whirlwind stay out on Oracoke Island.  I can’t wait!  Lots of pics to be posted when we get home, and hopefully some new writing in the works.  Summer is a great time to restore the creative well, and I intend to embrace it!

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