If Cats in the Christmas Tree is too Old Hat for you…

I promised myself I woudn’t hatch any chicks after the first of November.  For one thing, I knew I’d need to clear out all chick and incubator occupied corners to make room for the Christmas stuff.  For another, I wanted to make sure I’d be ready to hatch in the spring–even if our crazy birds’ idea of ‘spring’ is January, like it was last year!

I should learn not to make promises I can’t keep.

But, really, what was I supposed to do when my prettiest white silkie pullet started laying?  She’s possibly my showiest bird out there, and what’s more, I did a quick check and found her eggs were fertile!  She’s in with my nicest boy, too.  So, as you can see…I really didn’t have any choice…I collected a dozen or so of her eggs and fired up the incubator.

You might think I was worried about hatching chicks just as I was putting up the tree, but I’d found a way around my problem.  See, these are white silkies, which means they look like baby snowballs.  The solution was easy–just rig a harnass to each chick, and hang them on the Christmas tree!


Do you see them?  If you need a closer look, click on the pic and a bigger one will pop up.  I think I’ve done a nice job of coordinating the tree with them, don’t you?  And the best part is, they add a festive chirping which goes nicely with our holiday music!





Okay, okay, I lie!  That’s a two month old silkie (the chicks are yellow at hatch) and he’s snuggled outside with his buddies while his pic was photoshopped onto the tree.  And just to prove that no silkies were traumatized in the making of this blog, here’s a real pic of our newly hatched chicks.

Snuggled down sweet with their teddy bear ‘mom.’  And the only chirping they’re doing is when they tell us to turn down the music!  They’re overdue a long winter’s nap. 😉

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