If you’re wondering who’s behind the alien invasion…

The Ravencroft animals cornered Ace,












a little green alien whose book just came out, and plied him with a few of their questions!

Zeke (the dog)
How do you say hello on your planet? We stick out our tongues (like in my photo). Personally, I go for the sniff, but that sounds dangerous with you aliens. I like the sniffing, but, I do it with my antennae and not to say hello. I need to make sure you’re safe before I speak to you.

Apricot (the cat)
Which do you prefer, prowling at night or hanging out in the sunshine? Nighttime is scary. I love the sunshine! I’ve been working on my tan here in Arizona. Looking good, don’t you think? With three suns, do you even have a time of dark? No! I can’t get used to that here on Earth. I just have to say I’m having a really hard time not pulling your tail.

Puff Daddy (a splash silkie rooster)
I like worms, too, but I get mine from the ground.  Do you eat beetles and other bugs, or just the gummy worms? Just gummy worms. All the other stuff here on Earth tastes gross. Wait, you eat beetles and bugs? What’s wrong with you?

The Dynamic Duo (twin paint silkie chicks)
What do aliens do for fun? We race spaceships. Or have contests. I’m the champion purple bubble belcher on my planet.

Sundae (a guinea pig)
Does your book taste good? You’ll have to try it. I think it’s super sweet. I hope you will, too.  You’re always talking about candy, so I wondered. Maybe if more people sent me candy I’d stop talking about it so much. Hint. Hint. Hint.

Misty (a blue silkie girl)
Does your green slime wash off when it rains? What do you think I am, a slug? Who said I have green slime? I’m juicy. Alien juice. Not slime! No. It doesn’t wash off in the rain. The stain disappears in a week though unless you wash it. If it gets wet it lasts a month. Do you like rain? I’m getting used to it. Doesn’t rain much here in Meteor Crater, Arizona, but this summer there’ve been some huge thundershowers. I got caught in a storm a few weeks ago and was pelted by white chunks of ice the size of quarters! What’s up with that???

Salt and Pepper (the gerbils)
Are you planning another book? I could write a sequel to this one if people sent me enough gummy worms. We like to do everything in pairs! I wish I had another alien to make me a pair.  But then we’d reproduce and overrun your planet. So I guess it’s good that I don’t have one.

If you’d like to learn more about Ace (of course you do!) you can find him on:

If you’d like to purchase JULIUS CAESAR BROWN AND THE GREEN GAS MYSTERY it’s available as an ebook now and is coming in print Fall 2013:

Many thanks to Ace and the animals for this amazing and enlightening interview!

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