The Buzz of a Lightning Strike

After a long day of WriteOnCon brain-crashing, I remembered that beach vacations involve time on the beach and packed up the towels, bags, and beach toys.  Only to be met by this–



Yep, a big ol’ eastern storm.  The kind that makes me want to throw caution to the wind and run for the nearest wide open space, then stretch my arms out wide and stare laughing into the sky.

Thankfully, wiser heads prevailed.  From the cover of our balcony we watched the storm, played games, and finished off our ice cream.  Not quite the sandy-beach-time I’d promised us, but still a nice almost-end to our vaca.  And a perfect ending to WriteOnCon!

What about you?  Do you run for cover when lightning strikes, or feel the urge to go crazy?

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