Flash Friday: Proud Parents of a Zompire

Plenty of parents have noted–in the most loving way possible–that children are rather like vampires.  They swoop down on you when least expected, prefer to stay up all night, and suck your energy dry.  When they have the flu they’re also rather like zombies–shuffling around growling at everyone, incapable of coherent communication, and, it sometimes seems, without a functioning brain.

So as we chatted on this and recognized the above reality, fellow flash Friday participant Rebecca Blevins coined the phrase zompires, and I promptly stole it.  From it my flash piece was born, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Dearest vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, and all paranormal creatures,

The rumors are true!  Your beloved Bella and worshiped Edward have given birth to a child.  And we know the big question on everyone’s mind is–what is it?  Well, at first it wasn’t quite apparent.  Bella’s transformation into a shuffling zombie (unfortunately just prior to Edward’s love bite, which would have given her a case of the sparklies) made the pregnancy quite complicated.  Based on the baby’s feeding needs in utero we were all guessing the babe would be a zombie and take after its mother.  And we were half right!

The latest member of the Cullen clan has chosen the better part and taken after both parents.  As the only half zombie, half vampire to ever be born, we’ve coined a new term in honor of the child–zompire!  It isn’t clear at present what the baby’s para traits will be, or what the result of its bite.  However, the entire paranormal community welcomes the new babe with delight, and looks forward to drooling over every zompire sighting our devoted paparazzi can risk life and brain in acquiring.  Welcome, baby zomp!

There you have it!  I considered taking the piece in a horror direction, but decided I wanted to make it celebratory instead.  Because in addition to the above childhood characteristics, kids can also keep you young (in your heart), and in raising them and sharing your story with them, let you live forever.  And that ain’t bad!

Write your own short piece on the topic of parental love, and join us for a Flash Friday blog hop!

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