The Holy Bagumba-ness of Flora and Ulysses

I think it should be obvious by now that I love books.  If it isn’t, you might want to open the little door at the back of your brain, reach in until your fingers find the gear marked ‘observation’ and give it a little nudge to the right.  You may also want to flick your finger against the knob labeled ‘cat love’, just for gp.

And as a book lover, it’s not unusual for me to hug a book when I finish reading it.  Or, to hold it up and let my smiling face shine on it.  I’ve also been known to squee–though that last one makes my cool, martial artist side a little uncomfortable to hear me admit.  However, only rarely do I find a book which leaves me filled with the desire to run out into the streets squeeing my love and shining my happy faces on passing people (or goats, in my neighborhood) while pressing the book into their hands and declaring ‘You have to read this!’

Pretty sure the goats would respond by ruminating thoughtfully over the words as they munched the pages of the book.  A primitive book club, perhaps?

At any rate, Flora and Ulysses is one such book.

Flora and Ulysses cover

Except, I wouldn’t share it with the goats.  I feel way to protective of it for that!  They only get a copy if first they get sucked up in a vacuum and sprout super powers.  And then only because I suspect Ulysses would want me to share.

However, I’m not going analyze why I loved it.  Wiser heads will pull it apart, dissect its inner workings, and enlighten the masses as to why it works so wonderfully.  Plus, it won the Newbery, and that fact seems to exhausts my analyzing muscles so instead of getting to work they sit down and have a bite of macaroni.

While they’re enjoying that, I’ll take a few minutes to wallow in those bright points of delight which are now a part of my life thanks to Kate DiCamillo and K.G. Campbell and, of course, Flora and Ulysses.

  • Holy Bagumba.
  • Big, beautiful, round heads.
  • Squirrel poetry.
  • Validation in my dislike of certain smug ceramic lamps.
  • Terrible Things Can Happen To You!
  • Seal blubber.
  • Blundermeecen.
  • I promise to always turn back toward you.

I could go on, but then where would I stop?  When I’d typed out the whole book?  No, that wouldn’t work.  For one thing, this blog would get rather long, and for another, I am less impressed with sunny-side up eggs and giant do-nuts than a certain squirrel.

But let’s see what Apricot-kitty has to say…if we dare.

???????????????????????????????“What?  You can’t seriously expect to get my opinion of a book with a squirrel as the super hero?  I eat squirrels!  And moreover, this squirrel clearly has a bias against cats.  He says so quite distinctly at the beginning of the book, and if that weren’t enough, just look at the way he treated that poor Mr. Klaus!  And all Mr. Klaus did was engage in a bit of friendly mouse play when the humans showed up unannounced in his territory!  No, you won’t be getting my opinion of this book.  You’ve forbidden me from using the kind of language the subject will require.”

You know that saying about how you can’t please everyone?  I think Apricot has just proven the rule.  Still, I appreciate her insights and when running around the neighborhood will avoid shoving this book into the paws of any stray cats.

Enjoy more Marvelous Middle Grade Monday recommendations, gathered here on Shannon’s blog, and have a lovely day!


16 comments to The Holy Bagumba-ness of Flora and Ulysses

  • I’m glad you LOVE this book. I enjoyed Kate Dicamillo in the past (BECAUSE OF WINN DIXIE), but for some reason I have been hesitant to give this one a try… not anymore. You’re enthusiastic take has me rushing to get a copy. Thanks!

  • Just finished reading this aloud with my daughter. Which seems the perfect way to read this one. We both adored it.

  • Greg I really think you’ll love it! However, my confession is…I haven’t read Because of Winn Dixie. So, I can’t say how like her other books this is. You’ll have to let me know once you’ve read it what you think!

  • Barbara that gives me all kinds of warm fuzzies, and reminds me of Flora and her father reading together! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • I have heard so many things about this one. Love Kate, anyway! It’s on my wish list on Amazon. Just need to add a few more books and then I’ll order it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Good luck getting the tally up, then, and enjoy it when it comes! I suspect at this point libraries can’t keep it in, so purchasing is probably the quickest way to get your hands on it. 😀

  • Claire M. Caterer

    I LOVED the squirrel poetry. And, being a fan of survival guides of all kinds, I also enjoyed the references to TERRIBLE THINGS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! This is a marvelous book. Thanks for featuring it!

  • Ohmygosh, don’t you wish you could get your hands on Terrible Things Can Happen To You? It’s clearly the kind of book I need on my shelf. 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping my and commenting!

  • This is on my wish list, too, and has been since before it won the Newbery! I LOVED Because of Winn-Dixie. You must must must read that one. And The Magician’s Elephant. I wasn’t as over-the-moon about Despereaux, though I still enjoyed it.

  • We just read this at my house–just before the Newberry announcement! So many great things to love about it–but my kids especially loved the squirrel poetry and the graphic novel-esque aspects.

  • Joanne I am impressed it was on your radar first…but not surprised. You are quite possibly the most knowledge book person I know! And I promise to read Because of Winn-Dixie just as soon as I can dig my way down to it! I’ll add The Magician’s Elephant just under it, too. 🙂

  • Jenni I’m impressed with your promptness, too! And I’m with your kids in their love of the graphic novel qualities. There’s a peace and stillness in action to the pics which reminds me of the Bone comics, which I also love. It’s great to see middle grade books with illustrations in the spotlight!

  • I’m so glad you loved this as much as I did! We still quote from it on a daily basis. The kids ask me to do William Spiver’s voice and say in my announcer voice, “Terrible Things Can Happen to You!”

    Holy bagumba!

  • Some day I have to hear your William Spiver voice, Rebecca! I’ll bet you do him well. And it’s impossible to say ‘Terrible Things Can Happen to You!’ without dropping into a deep, echoing announcer voice, isn’t it? Happy to hear you guys are fans, too. 😀

  • I am late on my MMGM round-ups but have to say I can’t stop smiling. I too hug books. Before and after reading and boy howdy–love that Apricot kitty pic and the opinion that came with it, lol. Cats rock! Books too.

  • Glad you enjoyed her. I was a little worried her attitude and anti-squirrel perspective would offend…but with cats, what can you do? lol Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and I hope there’s a huggable book waiting for you tonight!

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