In case the Zombies come digging…

Today’s Flash Friday blog hop is sponsored by this week’s celebration of Writing Your Epitaph–which I’ll bet you’ve been thinking about all week, cause it’s such a big holiday and all.  Yes?  No?  Well, in case you find this as fascinating as I do, here’s an interesting bit of info on decoding gravestones–both their shape and symbols.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t limit myself to one epitaph, so apparently I’m going to have to pull a Lazarus (or should that be a Buffy?  She was always coming back from the dead) and die several times.  With at least two gravestones.

This first one’s in case the zombie apocalypse involves graveside luncheons:

Her bones were brittle, aged like rust.

Digging them up will be a bust.

Lovely, don’t you think?  I’m hoping it makes me sound less than appetizing, and I think it works.  This  next one should be an obvious reference to my writing past time:

She scribbled daily, at every chance,

And polished her words til they danced.

Readers were slow, and so few,

But here you are–so she got you.

Which is kind of the fun of an epitaph, I suppose.  It’s the last laugh for the deceased, ’cause no matter what you say while walking around alive, their epitaph will always say it after you.  Of course, that’s a good reason to make sure that someone you leave behind will have the good will to etch what you’ve asked them to put on your gravestone.  What would you like yours to say?  Leave it here in the comments, so we can all enjoy a laugh!  Or a tear, if you tend in that direction. 😉

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