Changes Underfoot

I’ve got change on my mind, for reasons I’ll get into in a minute.  And I’ve noticed that when I think about big changes what usually comes to mind is the weather–stuff like storms blowing in, bringing a temperature drop and maybe snow or hail.  Remember the ice storm we had in March, and my pic of the upside down tree?  That was weather worthy of the name!  But, today a different thought popped up.  What about the changes that go on underfoot?  The kind that are quietly working away right beneath us, and we don’t even know they’re happening?

Like, mushrooms.

Mushroom white

One minute there’s no sign of one, and the next minute–BAM!  It’s standing there like it’s been hanging out since dawn and what took you so long to notice?

Some life changes can be like that.  Our family’s got a change coming we’ve just discovered, but that’s been growing underfoot for who knows how long?  I don’t know all the details yet–just like I couldn’t possibly tell you what mushroom that is above–but I do know it will involves selling the house we’re living in now.  Which aside from, you know, packing up our whole house, will also mean a tearful goodbye to many of our chickens, and the beautiful trees that have kept me company these past years.  But, this change may be even bigger, with a move out of state and halfway across the country.  No way to know yet, but thankfully we’ll know soon!

In the mean time I’m struck, as I sit here amongst boxes I hadn’t planned on packing, with a To Do list I never guessed I’d have, at how sudden it all is.  Just like that mushroom, popping out of the ground.  No warning change to the air pressure, no shift in the clouds.  Just a buried possibility, rich in potential, that was suddenly ready to sprout.

Today on my run I was surrounded by mushrooms, and I liked the variety.  Perhaps it’s just my mood, but they struck me as whimsical and rather like story ideas.  Take this one, with shades of the sunrise rippling across its fungal skin–

Mushroom sunrise

And this one, that can’t possibly be anything but an emerging space ship, headed for the stars.

Phone pics 8-2014 014

Sometimes change sends an announcement ahead of itself, like a hurricane growing off the coast.  It’s every mood is monitored and carefully documented.  But, sometimes change is like these little mushrooms–unexpected and perhaps a bit odd, but not any less welcome.  Because how can you not enjoy the whimsy of a change like that?  I can’t say it’s easy…but I’m grateful for the vibrancy it brings, and the reminder that life isn’t meant to be lived too predictably.

What about you?  Do you run after change like a storm chaser?  Or avoid it all costs and shudder at even the hint of a spore?

2 comments to Changes Underfoot

  • Suzanne, what astonishing news! I am wild about your resilient attitude in the face of the unexpected, especially something of this magnitude. I’ll be watching and reading carefully to see where you are heading, and when. When you say halfway across the country my fingers are crossed that you could end up in the midwest and we might actually meet at some future events.
    That’s the thing about being digitally connected and virtual friends- at least when someone moves far away these days they can stay so very close “virtually” and may well land in the back yard of some other “virtual friends!

  • Thank you, Sandy! I like that word–resilient. It’s something I can identify with. 🙂 I will definitely keep you posted as we figure this out, and keep my fingers crossed that we’ll get to exchange a real hug one day soon!

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