Blowing Kisses to the Online World

Yeah, I’m back!  Hello everyone!

You may not have missed me, but I’ve been in withdrawal.  We moved over a week ago, and other than one short moment of nauseatingly-slow dial-up internet, I’ve been entirely unplugged.  No emails.  No blogging.  No feedback on writing.  No chatting with online friends.

It was an electronic wasteland.

The amusing part is, one of the speakers at my graduation (the interesting one) talked about paying attention to the important things in life, and remembering to make our goals worthy of the time we spend working toward them.  Among other things, he suggested that we occasionally unplug and look around ourselves at the non-virtual world, and make sure we’re talking to three dimensional people every twice in awhile.

I remember nodding sagely, and even feeling a bit smug.  After all, I can rarely go fifteen minutes without a conversation with some member of the family–even if they do seem to all start with said family member announcing that they’re hungry.  I also enjoy regular excercise outside, and generally take great joy in the world outside my door.

I rembering feeling a touch of pity for the poor souls who his talk was really addressed to.  They must be so dependent on the internet…unable to function or perform daily tasks without it, or go for a week or two unplugged…

Now I’ve decided to count myself firmly in their number–and rejoice in my high-speed connection!

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