No idea where the pic came from, but it was too awesome to go un-shared.   All those arms and legs–I just discovered how the instinctive species-wide need to nurture and protect a baby can be squashed.  Waaay too much of a good thing!

The Popcorn Report

This week I came quite close to meeting my goal.  So close, in fact, that some would wonder why I didn’t just write the last few words and see it met. My deliberation process lasted just long enough to realize that pushing through to the finish tonight would mean forgoing my evening out with hubby and delicious Chinese […]

A Giant Welcome Home

We were delighted to find that all our animals have survived our vacation.  In fact, some of them have thrived.  The chickens have been helping themselves to the cats’ food, and look bigger.  And check out this mushroom. It’s growing out by the gate.  That’s my womens size nine shoe in the background providing perspective. […]

The Ultimate Sandwich

There’s a special quality to food one finds in airports–a unique something that I can’t quite put my finger on but tastes a lot like extortion.  This lovely $6.00 grilled cheese is an excellent example. And this picture was taken after I sent it back to get the cheese melted.  Perhaps they predicted it would […]

I’m In!

I’ve been accepted to bootcamp! After watching the mail for a week, I almost missed the email when it came. I can’t wait to meet my fellow students, and I’m totally stoked to spend a whole week focusing on nothing but writing. Oh, and it’ll be cool to take classes directly from Orson Scott Card, […]

Life After the Hacker

I planned to come up with some cute story featuring my elusive hacker, but by the time the site was up again, and I faced its homely regression, I found myself feeling less charitable toward Mr. Hacker and have cut him out of the story. Instead, I’m going with the quick catch-up news blurb: We’re […]

In Memory and Gratitude

To my Grandpa, Dad, uncles, brother and cousins who served or are serving in America’s armed forces. To the women who have supported them. You have my thanks.

A Fondness for A’s

In light of the obnoxious way my blog has been vetoing any new posts–it simply refused to save or publish anything I wrote–I’ve decided that the funky A’s scattered all over the pages of my newly updated site are just fine. In fact, they might be an indicator of the grade I’m giving this new, […]

Deep Breath

With the back-to-back trips coming up, I’ve had to remind myself to breath.  At times like this, a few stolen minutes outdoors go a long way toward restoring sanity, so we dodged over to Jordan Lake the other evening. This was the king-daddy toad, one of many to hop across our path. And this is […]

Random Reading Notes

I’ve been doing a bit of reading lately while attempting to ignore my last looming final.  Given that the final is in quantificational logic and involves proofs so long they really shouldn’t be allowed out without a license, I think my occasional dodge into a closet is understandable…but I digress. I’m not going to review the books […]