Sarra Cannon Interview and Pants that Travel

You know all the buzz about ebooks?  Indie authors, and the latest way to make $$ on the internet writing what you love?  Well, get ready cause I just finished an interview with Sarra Cannon, indie author extraordinaire!  It’ll go up on my group blog, the cabinet, this Friday morning.  Come check it out, and bring your questions about ebooks, demons, or anything Sarra!  She’ll be dropping in throughout the day to answer questions and I can tell you from experience that Sarra is super fun and a real wealth of information!

I picked Friday partly ’cause I will be home all day–the first time in two weeks! 

Eight states, seven YA books (including Summer of the Traveling Pants, which just seemed appropriate!), three swimming pools, one lovely old abbey, and countless desserts later, I feel ready to wave the kids off to school and dive into my new project.  Seven apocalyptic seals, a group of girls marked by fate and a cursed island.  I can’t wait!

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