Thursday’s Children: Plunging Into the Unknown

My friend Pat’s post reminded me of the amazing inspiration dreams can be, and what it takes to live them.  Which also–in keeping with this week’s theme–takes a little crazy.  And that made me think of turtles.

Surfwatch Turtle
















Let’s see…turtles: Cold, quiet, shy and self-contained.  These things don’t say crazy to you?  Well, let’s take a closer look at that!

Whether swimming through space with four elephants and a Discworld on their back, or plowing past a sleeping hare to win the race, turtles are an excellent spark to the imagination.  I have a turtle to thank for my lovely pond garden–because I was hoping that if I built it, the turtles would come.

Pond w garden and lilies
















Still waiting for that one to work out!

And today’s post is dedicated to all the turtles out there who cross the road–which you have to admit, could be seen as a little crazy!  Now I know they’re probably just acting on instinct, and I get that there’s a biological imperative involved.  But I’m still hard-pressed to find a braver act.





















Here you are, one of the slowest moving creatures around.  In fact, ‘turtle’ is synonymous with slow!  And you’re facing a long expanse of pavement, fat and wide, with no shelter from the thundering vehicles that will come zooming down on you.  And you’ve got to cross the thing.  How do you do it?  Your house on your back won’t shield you.  Your legs can’t do it very fast.  There’s no way under and you can’t fly over.  You’ve just got to take that first slow step.  And then another, and another.  And you’ve got to keep going til you’ve crossed that road.

So, that’s my inspiration today–brave little turtles, crossing the road one step at a time.

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