Almost a Headline

First, upon removing the bumper of our car to fix the damage done by the deer, they discovered that the car was in an accident at some time previous and was not fully repaired.  Fortunately the additional repairs are not going to blow the bank–but they’re not going to be cheap, either.

Then I headed home in the rental and found that it had bad brakes.  I called back the rental car place, which I shall call ‘Pentarise’ to protect the guilty, and they informed me that I could hurry our thirty minute drive back and they might be able to put me in a pick-up.  I declined, and they offered to let me call all the car rentals around and see if one of them would be willing to swap me into one of their cars.  I took a deep breath and suggested that he find me an alternate car, since he’d driven this one just before handing it over and failed to mention it had bad brakes.

Eventually they located a car…at least, I think you can call it that.  It’s way too attention-grabbing for my style.

PT Cruiser











But at least it’s wheels.  I drove the twenty minutes to that Pentarise and made the car swap.  Only to find that the agent planned on taking my $25.00 gas deposit because I’d used (he claimed) 3 gallons of gas in driving the bad-brake rental to the new Pentarise so I could make the exchange.

This was the point at which I almost claimed a moment of infamy.  The headline would have read something like ‘Woman attacks rental car agent over 3 gallons of gas.  Purse is new and terrible weapon of choice.’

Fortunately, the agent in question realized his demise was imminent and backed down.  I shall now sink back into the blissful ranks of the anonymous, and enjoy a quiet evening.  Be warned, though.  I may make the biggest batch of cookies yet known to man.

4 comments to Almost a Headline

  • We had to drive such a rental car recently (flaming red and all!) lately and detested it. Our mini-van had a better turning radius. Hope your car gets fixed and back to you before any more problems arise.

  • Laughing, thanks. I guess you don’t know how much you love your car ’til you go without it for a bit…we’ll cross our fingers that this isn’t repeated often. And warn the deer. 🙂

  • Poor friend. I’m sorry for you. I relate a lot more to you than the ‘Pentarise’ (did I get that right?) employees. That’s why it’s always my husband’s job to talk to customer service reps… trying to keep me out of jail. ;D

  • I love that–the new title for husbands will include ‘the keeper of the wife out of jail’. A thankless task, but one that someone’s got to do… 😉

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