Friday Funny Faceoff the 3rd

Hooray for Friday!  We made it! lol  This week was one day short, so I ought to feel I’ve got extra energy in me and Friday came early.  But I think Fridays are like cats.  They are never late, just as they are never early.  They always come precisely when they mean to. Or, was that wizards? You’ll […]

I’ve been Pig-napped

Ever wondered how famous old-time authors got so much written, despite having no computer?  Ever wanted to boost your own productivity?  I recommend pig-napping, aka, being held hostage by the pigs. Over the last week as they honed their ability to escape (and we attempted more desperate means of keeping them in) I’ve discovered two things: First, that […]

Friday Funny Faceoff the 2nd

Was it just me, or did this week start off really lame?  Tired, gray…okay, I think it was just me.  ‘Cause actually Monday was kinda green and sunshiney, at least around here.  But either way, the good news is– And, so did the week!  First we’ve got an awesome cartoon I picked up at Hubspot, […]

Friday Funny Faceoff

I continue to be fascinated by humor, above and beyond loving that it makes me laugh.  Since I suspect most of you could use a laugh by the end of the week, too, I’m going to share my ‘study’ of all things funny each Friday in a faceoff discussion of the funny stuff that crossed […]

How Candy Crush Is a Writing Exercise

My epiphany started with another attempt to go to bed ‘on time’, which is to say earlier than my brain wants to shut up and go to sleep.  I was attempting to wind the thing down with a few levels of Candy Crush–somewhere in the early 40s levels, I believe it was–and having a challenging time […]

What Time Is It When…

A tree falls on your fence? No glib answers, now! In your calculations, please take into account that the wind-speed last night was no more than 5-10 mph, although there was up to an inch of rain. Also, that no one checked the back pasture fence (whereon this tree resides) yesterday, so we have no way of […]

Killing the Darling Zombie Chicken

I’m doing revisions on NinChicks for Christa (yes, that’s my agent I’m talking about there…and still squeeing over as you can see from this post on the cabinet!) and, ahem, recently cut my whole zombie chicken thread out of the novel. Since it doesn’t play a crucial role in the plot, we decided it was too distracting […]

The great thing about Mother’s Day

Remember that when you’re making your mom an omelette–she’ll love it, shells and all!

May the Fourth be with you–especially in the kitchen!

So, kids have been released from the Star Wars mania and the votes are in on the new family favorite.  But I want to know what you think!  Which was our greatest success of the day, and which could be safely left behind on Tatooine with that nasty goop Luke refuses to eat? The pasta […]

Every Spring Has Its Showers

The Queen of Burned Fingers, that’s my new title.  But, I’m okay with that!  I’ve decided I’m also okay with Monday alarm clocks and impossible looming deadlines. Have I gone crazy?  Well, judge for yourself. It started with the blister, but since that’s not very pretty and it is thankfully quite small, I’ll give you a pic […]